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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Alison Parker's mom and dad declare it's time to take on WE THE PEOPLE of America

We the people and our U.S. CONSTITUTION are at fault again?

Is it GLOCK's fault?

Who are these enemies of America?

The WDBJ-TV agenda is now a growing conspiracy

The mainstream media gives these people a platform to attack America

It's time to look for OATH OF OFFICE KEEPERS in America

The Parker family (and live-in boyfriend) teams up with CNN (and other media) to assault Americans and make us all guilty for the death of their daughter.  Who's really doing the intimidating here?

Alison Parker's parents declare it's time to take our constitutional rights away because their daughter was shot and killed.  Or was she?  This entire situation is starting to look so suspicious and there is an obvious agenda to be combative toward we the people of the United States of America.  Is it obvious to you now that we actually have domestic enemies in America that want all of us to feel guilty for our liberty, freedom, and the U.S. Constitution?  These are rank enemies of America:

Mr. Parker has some tough talk for America

Who messed with the wrong family?  We the people of the United States of America?  Really? 

Just who are "these people" referred to in the video below?



She (Alison Parker) wanted to be the best

Well folks we all need to feel guilty for this and realize that this should have never happened.  How can we come to grips with this now across America?  I think those of us "them people" need to suffer for this loss.  Should we all support the destruction of America together now and abrogate the U.S. CONSTITUTION?  Will anyone ever be able to please these people who have lost the best most radiant children and most important power couple in news media ever seen in the history of America?

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  1. you want some news on the hoax end of this? this gets exciting.. in video i did some investigation to debunk this BS and daniel wulz replies to my post.. it's under imyourghost post of "Christopher o = Responding to your comment Because I believe at this time, that is the case. The man in this video, is showing absolute loss, plus you can tell, these two people were truly in Love. Whereas, Mr WormHurst has perverted the memory of Alison, with his FUND raisers and smarmy, dry eyed attitude!"


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