Monday, June 29, 2015

Donald Trump is a discriminatory and hateful white man

Donald Trump now in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION

Donald Trump cannot be U.S. PRESIDENT

Trump may be thrown out of the Republican party

Trump needs to realize he cannot tell the truth and his free speech is curtailed by the U.S. mainstream media, the court of public opinion, and the new world order rules and regulations.  He is a very hateful white man full of vitriol for Mexican immigrants:

Donald Trump along with many of us white people who are filled with white hot hatred need a workshop on THE HATE OF THE WHITE RACE brought to us by the American Muslim Media Company, Al Jazeera:

Soon the white race will be phased out and will be a minority in 30 years and we won't have these problems anymore.  The culture will be rich in a mixed multitude led by African Americans with their motto of "niggas, bitches, and hoes."  And the Mexicans will be in the fields and food services keeping everyone well fed while they piss and shit on the lettuce:



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