Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Was Freddie Gray a threat to anyone?

Some men are innocent like this Freddie Gray:

The News UNIT is considered a threat by certain people and here's why:
  • The News UNIT sang a song titled "Mr. Postman" by the Marvelettes.
  • The News UNIT uses camera equipment for news stories and severe weather. (That can get you in bad standing with the police and fire officials)
  • The News UNIT owns firearms and knows the laws and how to use them.
  • The News UNIT is a believer on God and the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The News UNIT is considered a 'radical, fundamental, separatist, extremist..."
  • The News UNIT can get angry at times (ooooooh isn't that scary?)
  • The News UNIT upholds the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and took an oath to defend it in Federal service even though that very Federal service violated my constitutional rights and discriminated against me.
  • The News UNIT realizes that something is wrong with America today.
  • The News UNIT has caught fish and buried them in his yard for compost.  (this can cause court hearings, fines, and various other suspicions)
Aren't you scared now? 

And let's take a closer look at this Freddie Gray that deserves all this justice we keep hearing about.  My guess is he's been judged by God by now and whatever God decided is what stands for Freddie Gray forever: 

These scary Marvelettes must be singing about GOIN' POSTAL?  Is that it?



  1. How does this guy keep getting out of prison. He must have spent a million dollars on lawyer fees.

  2. i heard a nasty rumor that WI police hate so called conservatives and scott walker has remained as silent as the so called media? is any of this true?

    1. Everyone hates everyone across America these days so I cannot tell.


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