Friday, June 27, 2014

The state of America and the Obama government

Here is a basic SUMMARY of the state of the U.S.A.

It is a state of confusion and every evil work

Some of you who stop here to read this blogspot don't believe in God and you call those of us who not only believe in God but believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as delusional people.  To you we are ignorant and unlearned and lack rational thought and so forth and so on.  The same nation has inscribed on our money IN GOD WE TRUST.  And so this is the nation that trusts God?  Really?

For those of you who stop by here and are actually in Christ Jesus by faith then you might read THIS LINK and consider the state of this Gentile nation.  Also remember that we are in the kingdom of God.  And thank God that kingdom is not of this world:

I'm almost considering curtailing The News UNIT operations here as I check all the current events that are happening here in the U.S.A. and throughout the world.  All the events that have happened and are in progress are explained accurately by rightly dividing the word of God which is forever settled in heaven.  I can rest in that.  The rest of the confusion and every evil work will have an end.  And I sure hope it's soon.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

It seems we are gearing up for conflict here on American soil this time around.  This is why all the POLICE and SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENTS and other LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies are turning into MILITARY ASSAULT SQUADRONS with all their URBAN WARFARE EQUIPMENT.  There's some real trouble ahead and probably very soon.  You don't need Steve Quayle or anyone else to tell you about it.  You can just about feel it.  



  1. That article sure depicts a bleak future. You sure have been busy the last few days posting more stuff than usual. Looks like Tacos might be coming back to New York sooner than later.

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    2. This time around I think we are very near to a real crisis. The Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel, ISIS (or ISIL), Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and U.S.A. conflict is only the beginning. What they don't want us to pay attention to is the actually invasion of America from Mexico. The entire U.S.A. border region from Brownsville, Texas through El Paso through New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California is now a WAR ZONE. That's no joke and it's really happening--right now. World War III has already started. It's a different type of war. It's a WAR OF CHAOS. And the U.S. GOVERNMENT is transporting illegals all over the place within America and expediting their citizenship to create a new country and culture. Crime and chaos will now be the rule.

  2. The way I look at it:
    Bankers are the Chosen Ones and are Religious, they are hiding behind the Biggest Fraud of all time, OF ALL TIME. So being Religious does not make people honest or trustworthy, especially when it comes to money. Surely Gawd must be sick of seeing the same Bankers go to church every week to repent the same sins over and over.


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