Thursday, June 26, 2014

SILVER price projected at $100 by 2016

$100 silver ahead$100.html




  1. King World says a lot of things like
    Gold and Silver is going to double, dollars going to crash, markets going to crash yadda yadda yadda every week since 2008 that I've been readin'

    I'll be shocked if one week when the same veterans of Wall St come on and say, this week everything is honkey donkey. Then you know it's going to crash.

    1. Keep scrolling down here on The News UNIT and don't miss the recent posts just over the past few days. Unfortunately there was a recent TOWN HALL MEETING with President Obama in Minnesota that was edited so you cannot hear the entire presentation but the abbreviated one is posted there. I expect the video will soon be made PRIVATE by The White House as they are not as transparent as they have announced. The point is there is trouble coming this time around but you will see most people not paying it much attention until it's too late. Yes, there has been a load of crying wolf and now the big bad wolf arrives and most people don't care.

      I was observing quite a bit this last week on mainstream media and doing loads of research and monitoring and I'm going to conclude that we are on the verge of a real problem. I think we are currently at war with Mexico along the U.S.A. border from Texas through southern California and that will be spreading inland and already is as hundreds of thousands of immigrants infiltrate the land assisted by the U.S. Government.


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