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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The People's Republic of California to become 6 States

California the world's 8th largest economy

Will it become it's own nation?

GOOGLE Nation?

With the U.S. STOCK MARKET pushing towards higher levels this has been the continuation of the greatest wealth transfer in the history of America.  Many wealthy or well to do people who are financially thriving are those who make large contributions to the American lifestyle and without California the rest of America would not have it so comfortable.  You watch GOOGLE get involved in this also as they already have their floating city located on the coast of California in San Francisco Bay:


  1. This has been under discussion for many years, but not nearly as serious as this. Perhaps the malaise of the present stress in the USA, and Washington's nanny temperament, are causing the sheep to wander. The divisions are not out of line with the cultural makeup of Calif. Though some new states would be wealthier than other, each state, as I see it, would become far more unified in its cultural, social, and ethical self-image. This would make California a lot more interesting, and a lot of new development would result. Also, there are many people in Calif who are NOT well represented in government because of the population distribution of the state. This would be solved.

    I was born in Calif and have lived there and have friends in most of the newly proposed states. It is NOT crazy at all.

    The big monster would be over water. LA gets its water from Lake Owens which would be in Central Calif I believe. They would be in instant water war over that one.

    Also, who would pick up California's debt? Each new state would try to dump its share onto the others. If this goes on to get serious, it could be just the thing Washington needs for a big circus to distract the country from its approaching disaster with the economy and the destruction of Constitutional rights. It could also fuel the Tea Party's juggernaut.

    There would also be a war in Washington between the Democrats and the Republicans to see who would get the most elected Senators and Representatives out of the new arrangement.

    Finally, this is the End Times day of the Laodiceans, "rule of the people," era rising in which the masses, along with their figure heads and financers, take rule by causing 24/7 belly aches for those at the top. God described this in The Revelation Chapters 2-3.

    1. I have only been to California one time. That was when I was first in Christ Jesus back when I was around 25 years old. I went to visit Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa for a weekend. I made some friends there kept in touch with them for a few years and never went back as I was too busy working in Washington D.C. I used to like his radio show "The Word For Today" on Christian radio. Calvary Chapel has since become a very modern kind of progressive movement that has churches affiliated with them all over the country and the world. There's so many churches but they are very lukewarm. Maybe they are only churches in name and not really part of Christ as his body the church.

      We are in a very peculiar situation here in America as many have stated this country was established on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Perhaps that's why this nation never has really been salted with rightly dividing the word of truth. I think the fruit thereof is ripe now for judgement.

      Nevertheless we may go along seemingly a prosperous and well entertained culture that is well dominated by the teachings of Hollywood, mainstream media, and the propagation of a New World Order Government called Democracy. Perhaps God is using it all to send his strong delusion to them that perish. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


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