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Monday, February 24, 2014

SILVER and GOLD videos on the increase

The SILVER and GOLD rush is quietly beginning


  1. Just because silver goes up a couple of bucks all the cockroaches come scurrying out from under the floor boards. Who's gonna be the first one to say silvers going to $500 and then the moon.
    Ya know, I wanna see silver knocked on the head and back down the rabbit hole, just to get rid of the "experts" on youtube.

    1. Perhaps there's a joint effort going on with the Sprott Brother's Cartel to pump gold and silver up to all time highs. I don't really know. But there's something going on as news of major demand from Asia and the far East is rising and there are already buyers willing to pay $80 an ounce for 1 oz. of silver. All I can do is monitor the situation here on The News UNIT.

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