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Friday, January 31, 2014

Latest Super Bowl Coverage by INFOWARS

Also concerns on a possible Super Bowl ATTACK

The ever rising POLICE STATE in America

INFOWARS NEWS TEAM is closely monitoring the Super Bowl XLVIII and is doing some very close coverage of the situation... 

Watch INFOWARS NIGHTLY NEWS for some chilling updates...



Additional Super Bowl XLVIII and concerns rising:



  1. I found todays show fascinating. Did your hear Joel Skousen bash Lindsey Williams again. He said if the elite want to crash the USA economy they could do it at any time they choose.
    Btw you must be the only guy I know NOT to promote the Google Hangout that they are participating in. Man if I'd have known I would have trolled unmercifully, for at least an hour anyways. :-)))))

    1. I actually haven't had time to read The News UNIT yet myself. I'll catch up. :-) I have to put this all together first. But it looks like there's some good stuff today. And there's a good measure of entertainment with that snow.

      Actually I had some strange snow here in Wisconsin I should have sampled. It was extremely dry and powdery snow that occurred here with the passing of what's called an Alberta Clipper type weather system. But it was rather unusual that we had about 6 to 7 inches of accumulation in a dry system that normally puts down only 1 to 3 inches as a rule. And it was like stepping in blow in type insulation material. Rather than melting it just basically sublimed. I'm disappointed I didn't video this one.

      Wouldn't surprise me though if we are having some isolated incidents of unusual phenomena. This world has some major changes ahead. Sometimes the satire has to be in there though for a good mix.

    2. I guess i'll have to take a closer look and test the look snow in New Brunswick but I don't see anything suspicious. Try to get some sleep, I check when you post stuff and I wonder when you ever go to bed sometimes.

    3. Lately my schedule has been kind of 24/7 since we've had that BITTER ARCTIC COLD SNAP. So there's nothing to do but keep the fires burning and play around on The News UNIT. I need to get a life. :-)


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