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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Pope, Fukushima, and Before It's News

Before It's News -- Is this credible news?

Lyndon LaRouche smells rotten to me

(We have to give all TRUTHER NEWS SOURCES  the G4T TEST NOW)

What is it with this Before It's News news source that I don't like?  All of the sudden the Pope makes an alleged statement like he's the Antichrist and now we have this full fledged and alleged FUKUSHIMA WARNING.  I smell BULLSHIT again.  Anyone else?

Since G4T came out of the closet now in his purple thong and told everyone that ALTERNATIVE NEWS is a lie and it's full of STAGE ACTING and PLAY ACTING, we have to consider all news suspect in this TRUTHER COMMUNITY.

Here's the recent Pope story too.  Maybe Ann Barnhardt can clear that up for us? 




  1. is a recommended watched channel on SGT Report which should send alarm bells off the charts. I don't know who runs it though, some faceless twerp who mixes real stuff with baloney I guess. Yeah, Lyndon Larouche has an interesting bio. Apparently everyone has attempted to assassinate him at one time or another.

  2. And Dahboo77 is another guy off his rocker. Whenever there is a shooting he starts to make shit up. So you have these alternative media creating total bullshit for people who are "awake" and the Mainstream Media cover up the facts for the other people not paying attention.

    1. I'm going to start unsubscribing from these creeps. Had enough of their garbage.

  3. That Dahboo777 guy makes my skin crawl. He seems like he's as nutty as a bag of peanuts.


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