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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

G4T Followers Suffering MENTAL HEALTH TRAUMA

Post Traumatic G4T Disorder

G4T followers suffering MENTAL HEALTH TRAUMA

Many followers of G4T are suffering now as G4T went from living a life of lies to finally telling the truth.   It seems that some of G4T's supporters may have even suffered some financial inconveniences.  G4T now exposes the TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS as being PLAY ACTING and STAGE ACTING.  This has caused a MASSIVE UPLOAD of VIDEO RESPONSES on YOU TUBE concerning G4T.

Some say that the followers of G4T are suffering and could actually be diagnosed as having POST TRAUMATIC G4T DISORDER and may have to be seen by a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. 

These are just SOME OF THE VIDEOS appearing on YOU TUBE.  In order to find out if you have POST TRAUMATIC G4T DISORDER you may want to consult a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL:

NAnthony777Channel REMOVED because of G4T

This guy is actually someone who drove to Texas to meet with G4T near the hog ranch.  The guy actually was attacked and his channel taken down.  Too bad his videos are no longer available because he really had a sob story about his G4T experience.  I think this guy really got taken bad by G4T.  I'm wondering about that hog ranch master guy that does all the hunting.  I'm wondering what kind of scam he's running there.

Hey NAnthony777 why not just start a new YOU TUBE channel? 

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe what frigin babies all these people are getting all bunched up over G4T. Get over it, have you ever watched a "reality show" do you believe those are real too. Should the networks give you back all the time you wasted watching them?

    GET A GRIP PEOPLE, use some critical thinking, be a skeptic.


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