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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What you need to know about GOLD and SILVER scams

The losses on GOLD and SILVER are showing up now

People are getting pissed off---FOR REAL!  Here's a warning about buying SILVER and GOLD.

Listen to what Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have to say about GOLD and SILVER and you will turn back to the GOLDEN INK HORNS: 

Copyright violation?  What about FAIR USE?

The video below was taken down soon after The News UNIT embedded it here from YOU TUBE.  I wonder why?  You see the guilty don't want you to know the truth.  They want you to believe their lies.  GOOGLE and their YOU TUBE are one.  Don't forget that!

Here's another video.  Unfortunately the guy that did the video above cannot get his message out now UNLESS he does another video and just plain talks about his loss.  Other's have his original video and I suspect they will put it back up in due time.  So much for those who support freedom, liberty, Ron Paul and their alleged sound money.  How about that!  They aren't for your freedom and liberty but only theirs to scam and make merchandise of you with their sales pitches.  The video below will likely disappear too:


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