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Friday, November 22, 2013

Video review of INFOWARS and the alleged assault by Dallas POLICE

Where's the fight?

UPDATE for CLARIFICATION:  It now appears that INFOWARS and the crowd here was actually wrongfully assaulted as some new videos are now being uploaded that reveal these findings.  The News UNIT wants to get this story straight...I may pull some of these POSTS as additional FACTS and better video becomes available. 

"The police are literally pushing people and punching people here at the JFK Memorial--we are demonstrating--and there here's a fight breaking out now--the police are literally brutally attacking innocent people..."
--Anthony Gucciardi, INFOWARS Reporter

Then all you see is people shouting at police in the video and chiding and taunting the police.

According to Alex Jones there was a big assault by police on them and other bystanders.  Let's watch the video.

So far I see quite a few people and journalists yelling at uniformed police officers and shierff's deputies with Alex Jones on the bullhorn in the background.

That one INFOWARS reporter guy states the police are literally brutally attacking innocent people.  Where?  I don't see it.  I hear chanting and see reporters chiding uniformed police and sheriff's deputies.

INFOWARS better not be making things up here.  We are trusting INFOWARS TRUTHERS to TELL THE TRUTH...

Some of us who have been assaulted by police never even chided them or screamed at them and we have also been assaulted, attacked, and harmed by our fellow Federal employees.  This is suspect below.  I have to see more video.

Maybe people just want to create lawsuits for cash money?  Is that it? 

Mass confusion and threatening on both sides perhaps?

[TIME 06:30]  "...I'm going to get your JET SKIS--I'm going to get your BASS BOAT..."
---Alex Jones 

Alex Jones yells at the cop above.  It appears this guy must have punched someone and it did not get on video.  So Alex is threatening him with a lawsuit after he even challenged him to a fight to kick his ass, etc.  Well, there's a big uproar here and a great tumult and it's hard to see everything that will certainly be under review now.  What a mess!  Americans vs. Americans to sue each other and take each others belongings. 


"FUCK ALL OF YOU COCKSUCKERS....!"   Yea that's a decent enough American attitude. 

INFOWARS and these RADICAL ACTIVISTS are going to create more trouble for the real Constitutional Americans such as myself who would rather live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  If there is a REVOLUTION and CONFLICT caused by these jerks you better really look out!  Some of us have the POLICE on our side in various places and we are on theirs too. 



  1. We are Change has a more chaotic action video than Infowars'

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I don't think they should be using the word "brutally" either, more like grabbing and pushing. Also the crowd may have provoked the police. Agreed im tired of conspiracy theories for about a year now.


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