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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The GOLD and SILVER Excessive Compulsive Disorder

A Mental Health Diagnosis is needed here

I have never seen such an extreme fetish for GOLD and SILVER to the point where it is actually sickening to listen to anymore.   As much as I like to follow economic news this is really getting to be overdone which is why I asked Dan Norcini to start a YOU TUBE CHANNEL and I really hope he does.  The reason I'd like to hear Dan Norcini every once in a while during the week is because I know he wouldn't just talk about GOLD and SILVER and even if he did talk about it often he would talk about it as a day trader.

This guy below calls himself "The Day Trade Show" and he's far from being a day trader but he's just a babbler amongst other babblers.  

I don't know how to describe what you're about to hear below but it's the strangest thing I have ever heard and actually becoming more strange with time:


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