Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wall Street UPDATE and 2015 Forecast

DJIA 20,000 by 2015


Now that GOLD and SILVER pumpers are experiencing a complete WASHOUT in their investments and most of their related YOU TUBE CHANNELS are quieting down from the "KEEP STACKIN'" MANTRA that was heard so many times we now have new developments for the savvy investor to take full advantage of and enjoy the greatest wealth transfer in history over the next few years.

As the U.S. GOVERNMENT also known as "the Obama Government" continues to fuel this WALL STREET RALLY with quantitative easing and donating $85,000 BILLION per month to the cause it's obvious that EVERYONE should sell all you have and BUY STOCKS.  Continue to buy the dips and hold these stocks as many analysts expect the DJIA will surpass 20,000 in 2015 and go even higher:

If you don't believe this is true SEE THE CHART BELOW FOR YOURSELF:

Some say the ECONOMIC RECOVERY is nothing but PROPAGANDA:

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