Saturday, September 28, 2013

AVOID SILVER but you can think about going long?

Another Silver ANAL-yst

This guy blocked The News UNIT also.  In fact The News UNIT is blocked from making COMMENTS on YOU TUBE at at least these channels:
  • Greg Mannarino
  • SGTbull07
  • BrotherJohnF
  • SYYenergy7
  • FXEmpirePortal
  • PastorDowell 
  • TheDayTradeShow
Keep you predictions simple.  Here's mine:
  • DJIA 20,000 during the calendar year 2014
  • GOLD and SILVER = a waste of time
  • US DOLLARS will get more numerous and remain strong worlwide
  • CRUDE OIL prices will rise along with PUMP PRICES for consumers
  • FOOD prices will rise
  • Maintaining financial solvency will be increasingly difficult
  • All in all the word of God will be fulfilled