Thursday, June 20, 2013

GOLD breaks down below $1,300 and SILVER below $20

The PRECIOUS METALS devaluation continues

We now watch GOLD and SILVER breakdown together as they are actually being devalued.  The same suspects are coming out of their closets again with new and exciting videos and terminology such as DRUTTER'S DIVERGENCE and all manner of dogma from the SILVER COMMUNITY CULT,  The Sons Of Liberty, and others of their ilk.

Has anyone noticed some time ago there were some warnings that currency was going to be devalued?  Well, for those who consider GOLD and SILVER to be money then you have to conclude that your money is being devalued.  Once silver breaks down below $10 then the reality might set in.  For now there will be more and more YOU TUBE videos and the usual entertainment.  At least it's certainly not boring on YOU TUBE:

 The Sons Of Liberty and SILVER CULT

The Sons Of Liberty are at it again.  They mention liberty, freedom, Ron Paul, silver, gold, sound money, and the U.S. Constitution but they know nothing of all the above.  They just like to be vainly puffed up by their fleshly mind and it seems they like to deceive and must enjoy even being deceived:

Silver is a moral investment and paper is evil

Some ANAL-ysts are saying silver is a moral investment and paper is evil.  But certainly silver is not going to $12 or $10 or $8 right?  But then you never know--you know?--you know?--you know?


Some stackers have FAKE SILVER

Fake Stagecoach Silver Bars...