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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Piers Morgan investigates and profiles Jimmy Lee Dykes with two of the suspect's neighbors

The Jimmy Lee Dykes STAND OFF

Detective Piers Morgan on CNN examines James (Jimmy) Lee Dykes rumors to fuel his assault on we the people and the right to keep and bear arms.  So far here is what is being reported with this stand off: 

Dale County Sheriff are apparently trying to free a 6 year old boy who was taken hostage off a school bus after 65 year old James Dykes shot and killed the school bus driver and took the boy hostage in his underground bunker.  The Sheriff's Department has been at the scene and a stand off has ensued for over 24 hours so far. 

Strange Behavior Noted by neighbors

Two neighbors Mr. Casper McNich and Rhonda Wilbur had concerns for some time and have this to say about 65 year old James Dykes:

Casper McNich says he sold Jimmy Lee Dykes his property and remained neighbors to Mr. Dykes. After Mr. Dykes bought and became the owner of the property Mr. Dykes started cutting down trees and putting up barbed wire fence on now his property.  McNich claims Mr. Dykes did these things so Mr. Dykes had a clear view of everything so he wasn't attacked or something.    McNich said he heard a lot of rumors about Mr. Dykes and things that went on and just tried to avoid him.  

Rhonda Wilbur a woman that lives directly across from Jimmy Lee Dykes stated that the stand off video that was just taken for CNN was that of her son (with the laughter in the audio) containing the police giving orders to Mr. Dykes to come out of his bunker.  Rhonda states that Mr. Dykes made it very clear when he moved into his property that any animals or people that came onto his property would be killed.  She stated Mr. Dykes took one of her dogs and beat it with a lead pipe and the dog died several days later.  She stated that Mr. Dykes bragged to her husband about beating the dog to death and claims Mr. Dykes said that is what was going to happen to anyone or any thing that came onto his property.  Rhonda says she got some animal cruelty people out within 24 hours to settle Mr. Dykes down but she states it didn't do anything and Mr. Dykes got increasingly more bizarre.  He spent most of the last couple of years moving concrete blocks around and digging, constantly digging, and moving dirt.

Now Piers Morgan asks Casper, "And a Casper did you see him with firearms or were you aware of him having firearms?"  Casper answered, "I was told that he had firearms and I know of a party that he had shot at.  Also the day of the incident I was going up town and I came by and I saw the school bus parked there and I saw him (Mr. Dykes) climbing over the fence.  But I really didn't pay that much attention whether he had a gun because the school bus wasn't even on his property.  And I by the sounds of it I didn't even get to Midland City before he (Mr. Dykes) shot the bus driver."

Rhonda then stated that Mr. Dykes had two weapons A RIFLE and A SHOVEL that he always carried with him.  Rhonda said, "He always had a rifle sitting near him and a shovel He almost decapitated one of my dogs with his shovel."  She then said, "I work late and would come home almost at midnight and he would be patrolling his fence line with his rifle and a flashlight and he would shoot at anything that moved; any sort of even a rabbit, a squirrel, a bird---there was not to be anything inside his fence and I was very concerned because when he shot it was always towards my house.  There was even an incident where I was outside with my 6 year old granddaughter and he saw that I was talking to a neighbor and he brought over a deer stand and put it over the fence, climbed up on it and sat with his rifle in his lap just watching my granddaughter and I and so I grabbed my granddaughter and we went inside and stayed inside."

Mr. McNich started speaking (but was cut off by Piers Morgan): "This probably wouldn't have happened----."

Piers Morgan then stated, "...from what you've both been telling me a pretty scary individual.  From what we hear he was very anti-American very anti-government, very ahh insular, building this extraordinary bunker, he had arms and so on."  Piers Morgan then asks, "We're you therefore surprised or shocked when you heard what hat happened?"

Both Mr. McNich and Rhonda answered that they were not surprised at what had happened. 

Mr. McNich then stated, "It was just a little over a month ago he shot at a friend of mine with his wife, baby, and mother in the truck.  And the sheriff Dale County Sheriff came out and he the man told him he didn't have a gun and the sheriffs didn't even look for the gun.  So if they would have looked for the gun they would have probably found it; this incident now wouldn't have taken place."
Rhonda then said, "And that's the whole thing is that this man has been an accident waiting to happen and he's been a ticking time bomb.  But we live in an unincorporated area and unless you have enough witnesses there's nothing that you can do."

Piers Morgan thanked them for their very fascinating detail on this and then the video ends.


Here is video of what appears to be Mr.McNich's friend who was shot at by Mr. Dykes:



  1. Gene Rosen of Newtown said that the bus driver is the same one who led the children to his drive way.


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