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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Piers Morgan's GUN ATTACK on America

The plan to disarm Americans continues

The terrorists of CNN along with the British Foreign Journalist Piers Morgan are working diligently to stereotype what they call MILITARY STYLE WEAPONS now across America.  They are manufacturing and using terms and definitions that don't even apply to these guns such as "UNUSUAL GUNS", "assault rifles", "military style weapons", and so forth and so on. 

I'm more inclined to believe what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said recently as he specifically stated "America is now a Police State".  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a former Reagan Administration official (Assistant Treasury Secretary) and you can watch his recent interview here: 

Government by popular opinion and talk show hosts

Notice how Piers Morgan has been given free reign by CNN for his agenda here against the U.S. Constitution and others who are foreign journalists are brought on the platform now to inject additional propaganda.  What this is is a mob-rule democracy platform and has nothing to do with lawful government in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.  Notice the group here that has been herded together as a public committee here to create this mob-rule democracy and government by popular opinion and talk show hosts.

Some of the players here include:

Cory Booker, Mayor Newark, New Jersey
Christiane Amanpour,  CNN Chief International Correspondent
Dr. Deepak Chopra, Co-author "Super Brain" (whoever he is?)
Some Mental Health Professional
Various other Soviets...

Watch Piers Morgan attack John R. Lott, Jr., Author of "More Guns Less Crime" as this Piers Morgan has some sort of AR-15 fetish also and gets incredibly mouthy here to further stir up the people.  This man who is not even an American needs to leave here at once and go back to the U.K. where he is safer: 

The AR-15 fetish

Quit calling the AR-15 an  "ASSAULT RIFLE".  And the "AR" does not stand for "Assault Rifle" either.  Make no mistake about it but behind the scenes Piers Morgan is being briefed on how to handle this unconstitutional assault on America....WATCH THE VIDEO....

Notice Piers Morgan generally behaves himself with Jesse Ventura.  Other's must be intimidated by him.  Piers Morgan asks Jessee Ventura about GUN CONTROL at [TIME 35:35]:

Deport Piers Morgan to the U.K.

A petition to DEPORT Piers Morgan can be found here: 

Meanwhile killing foreign children continues


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