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Friday, December 28, 2012

Obama on FISCAL CLIFF status

Obama says we are 4 days away from higher taxes and lower paychecks.  How about that?   He says the American people are watching what they do in government and is mouthing about how Americans expect elected officials to do their jobs.  How about keeping to the U.S. Constitution and your OATH OF OFFICE?  Does that mean anything to him?  Let the economy tip over! 

How the last minute talks turn out remain to be seen.  Wall Street will let us all know over the next week or so.  Meanwhile Greg Mannarino and other losers who claim to be analysts have told their subscribers to go short the market.  You bunch of lame bums can't figure this market out.  Keep stackin' losers!

When you watch these guys do you really believe they are telling the truth? 


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