Monday, December 31, 2012

Dennis Kucinich slips out with the words "manufactured crisis"

Government manufactured crisis?

I'm wondering now if there are some Senators that are getting frustrated with major cover ups in Washington D.C. among the lawless lawmakers.  Some say that this lawless government is going to be overthrown and many of these leaders could end up executed.  Time will tell but you have to hope that some of these men still have a conscience that has not been seared.  We might just see some mutiny in Washington D.C. yet.  Stay tuned:

My personal opinion is that Wall Street is going to tank when it gets going this week and next.  Look out below!  What that does to the rest of us is yet unknown but I suspect we will lose anything we own on paper.  There may be some trouble ahead.  Some already are reporting U.S. Military sources that have been briefed on MARTIAL LAW by May 2013: 

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