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Monday, December 17, 2012

American Theatre: Guns and Violence

Americans love SEX, GUNS and VIOLENCE.  So does Hollywood and the news media.  But Mr. Obama is a Noble Peace Prize "man of peace".   Obama shall use whatever power he can as president to abrogate the U.S. Constitution and change the laws of the land.  Of course this is "for your protection".

Have you ever noticed that our leaders in Washington D.C. are always referred to as "lawmakers"?  That's because they are just a large group of lawyers that spend time making mischief and creating chaos which is actually sport to them as they are often seen laughing and joking amongst themselves.

Meanwhile the majority of dumb American sheeple can run to the movie theater and get a good rush of gun assaults and violence.  That will always be there for them so they feel better after getting their guns slapped for killing children. 

For those of us who have faith in God and believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, we are also considered to be "potential terrorists" now by our own countrymen and are despised and rejected of men.  Nevertheless we shall take the whole armour of God in this evil day and stand firm.  Try us out ye wicked:

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