Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silver rallies then drops off the cliff

Raw Dog this is nothing short of hilarious but only from the standpoint that I had the same exact reaction to this today as you did.  Your video today is priceless and I just had to save it for myself because you have a nasty habit of taking these down.

Now I've been watching the market extremely close and there's no way that raw honest trading is going on with the entire market.  It is more than manipulation; it is high speed algorithms coupled with manual inputs from manipulating market makers and all sorts of internal collusion going on.  There's no other explanation for it!  

I'm now 100% convinced that the powers that be are taking gold and silver down on purpose to destroy the last hedge against inflation.  This is forcing me into continual short positions and jumping in and out as needed.  Yes--paper trading!  It is a real pain in the ass!  But I'm as pissed off as I can possibly be and I'm going to fight this animal until either the economy implodes or Jesus comes.  I just don't care anymore:

And to top it off the entire list of goofballs that keep mouthing off about silver will no longer be posted here (for the most part) since I consider them to be suspect shorts in the market anyway.  I mean who else would use bears in their videos and talk about silver going up?  Get a brain right?  

I'm also 100% convinced that the list of suspects here are all playing short positions and are being dishonest about it as a hedge against inflation and their alleged hang ups with the FED:
  • The Eric Sprott Cartel
  • Sean Turnbull (SGTbull07)
  • Bix Weir
  • many, many YOU TUBE maggots!
  • etc.________________________(fill in the blank)

The News UNIT expects silver to drop to $23 in the short term.  Probably within the next 5 business days:

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