Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The market is extremely dangerous and frightening:

Have no fear John Embry (of the Sprott Asset Management Cartel) is here:,_Oil_to_Super-Spike.html 

If you ask me where I think this is going my answer right now is $23 in one week....IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE RIDE DOWN COMING YOU BETTER GET OUT!....If anyone faults you for it they are just ignorant...

Bernanke announced today that the FED was not going to allow inflation to be a problem in the economic recovery process. It is when he said that that allegedly started the precious metals sell-off. I don't believe people all just hit buttons at once and by now anyone with brains knows better or at least should know better. Inflation is coming automatically or by careful design and here's what I mean:

The News UNIT suspects that what will happen is what I will call "SELECTIVE INFLATION" and "SELECTIVE DEFLATION".  And this is very easy accomplished by high speed computer trading and manipulation of the entire global economic trading platform....Sure this is speculation on my part but do you have a better reason?....developing... 

The entire economy whether it's alleged domestic or global is so rigged that the chief market makers are picking who wins and loses in the giant scheme of things.  It is the racket or rackets and the intention is to wipe out savers because they cannot get any return on their money with interest rates so low.  This also destroys the incentive to save and absolutely destroys any hope in financial solvency for most people. 

And so what is the result of all of this:  FORCED ENTITLEMENTS!  And that is where we are heading only they are cooking the frog slowly so he doesn't even notice.

Derek makes some observations on today's price action:


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