Sunday, January 29, 2012

Global Market Threats Increasing

Warnings Ahead of Wall Street

Are you sleeping with you head in....?
The majority of commentators have been suggesting that the FOMC announcement restraining interest rate increases until almost 2015 has created the ultimate set up for HYPER-INFLATION and a virtual guarantee of a STOCK MARKET RALLY and U.S. DOLLAR collapse.  Don't count on it!  

The state of the stock market is it's very unstable and subject to being hyper-reactive to any news to hit general headlines.  Such is this item concerning a 50% rise in oil prices after O.P.E.C. just stated the oil ministers were happy keeping prices around $100US. 

The confusion between Obama's State of the Union Address, The World Economic Forum in Davos, the recent FOMC announcement, and now the threatening oil supply disruptions from the Middle East are positioning the market for imminent turmoil and potential implosion.  This is both a trader's and an investor's nightmare scenario and the UTMOST CAUTION in these markets is recommended regardless of who states otherwise.

I don't believe in jumping on the bandwagon expecting a rise in precious metals especially as it relates to SILVER here with such analysts as this Clive Maund.  Clive Maund expects a major price spike in SILVER now but I say buyer beware:

Here's a scary chart:  The Baltic Dry INDEX.  If you think the supply of goods to the U.S.A. will not be interrupted during a global conflict think again.  Even internally as fuel prices rise 50% we are looking at a situation where some of the Trends Research Institute and International Forecaster outlooks are about to take place.  The time to take water filters, storable food, and various other supplies seriously may be ending.  In other words you may be out of time to prepare as the SHTF scenario may begin quickly. 
I've been watching the usual NIA PUMPERS getting cocky again about precious metals.  Perhaps they will have to start thinking of crashing the IMF instead of J.P. Morgan and buy more silver.  The usual arguments of protecting your assets won't matter this time around.  You better reconsider protecting your PHYSICAL ASS intstead!  Here's another scary chart called the VIX VOLATILITY INDEX.  If you don't know what this means it simply shows that a U.S. STOCK MARKET CRASH is getting closer:
DOW JONES 13,000? 
I would expect if the computer algorithms take the DJIA above 13,000 you better take your money and run.  Don't be too hard on worthless fiat money.  You'll be needing more of it when gas is above $6.00 per gallon this summer.  In fact I'll make a price prediction of $6.66 by the 4th of JULY.  Hows that for an economic outlook?



  1. Hey David, maybe you could do a little video on the VIX VOLATILITY INDEX. So far i've looked at it, but couldn't know how to read it.

    Another video on PM's would also be appreciated man. Thanks

  2. I might do a video on precious metals but it wouldn't be anything different other than what's already out there and right now I could pick a price between $10 and $40 and really have no idea where the market is going in that area. As for the VIX VOLATILITY INDEX I probably know about as much of that as you do as it's just another INDEX in this case more can be described here:

    I'm not going to pretend I know too much about the markets which is why I usually link to all the other geniuses on YOU TUBE, etc. :-) Also my comments could change like the wind given the ever changing market conditions.

    I'm much more accurate at forecasting the weather: See


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