Sunday, January 29, 2012

Canadian Silver Coins with LIMITED MINTAGE Increase in Value

Silver Canadian LIMITED MINTAGE Collectibles

Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins
The constant hubbub about precious metals has sparked an interest in SILVER and along with demand for certain LIMITED MINTAGE 1 ounce coins sending prices sharply higher.  Such are the 2011 Canadian Silver Timber Wolf Series Coin along with the 2011 Canadian Silver Grizzly and the most recent sellout The 2012 Canadian Silver Cougar Coin.  The only place I could find these for sale is on EBAY and in a few local COIN DEALERS commanding about 80% to 90% higher prices than the usual bullion coins. 

It seems that these coins have graduated quickly into being collectibles and have surpassed that of standard bullion issue coins even those of the U.S. MINT.  Could it be their 9999 PURITY?  Or is it their LIMITED MINTAGE that attracts collectors to these coins?  I don't really know but the fact that these coins are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain may even send their prices sharply higher regardless of recent volatility in the futures markets.



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    It is really good news that Canadian Silver Coins with LIMITED MINTAGE Increase in Value.

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